Empowering Entrepreneurship

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Some believe an entrepreneurial spirit is either ingrained in a person or it isn’t. The spirit can’t be taught. Maybe there’s something to that, but the spirit can definitely be honed.

As an engineering or science student, you’re full of great ideas and likely have dreams of marketing turning those ideas into new businesses or incorporating your visions into an existing company. That’s the entrepreneurial spirit. But do you know how to launch these ideas?

Most entrepreneurs don’t know what they’re doing when they embark on their first venture. They have the idea, the passion and the desire, but unless they have an experienced mentor or help of some sort, they’re basically winging it. That’s part of the entrepreneurial spirit, too: the risk.

When it comes to science and engineering, undergraduate studies focus so intensely on the actual disciplines due to the intricate details and complexities of the fields. There simply isn’t much time to get into entrepreneurship.

ESTEEM takes your knowledge in your respective field, combines it with your entrepreneurial spirit and gives you the tools and the mentoring to get on the right path to joining an existing business or starting your own.

With mentors and advisors who’ve been there, you’ll still have the fun of taking risks and learning from your mistakes—but you’ll be much better prepared to deal with them.