Does Entrepreneurship End?

Author: Notre Dame ESTEEM


It has been said that entrepreneurship is a means to an end but is not an end itself. The word "entrepreneurship" itself is a noun, but the word acts as a verb since entrepreneurship should actually be seen as a process and not as a product. So with that said, does entrepreneurship process end? 
The short answer is no. Just as every time the new best cell phone comes out there is an understanding that this is as good as it has gotten, not as good as it gets. So too is the process of entrepreneurship, you'll never finish creating a better or faster or more scalable something, it's an on going process. Imagine creating something and just letting it sit in a vacuum, not trying to make it better, not trying to get it to more people. This person is an inventor they create and what they have invented might be an innovation but if the end is just the product it's not entrepreneurial. Imagine someone taking someone else's product and trying to get it to more people but still not improving on it. This person is a franchisee. The person who creates something, constantly improves and tries to expand the market is an entrepreneur and that process is not something that can end, if it does, that person is probably just a business owner. 
This is not to make light of all the other focuses, on franchises or inventors but they should be seen in different categories. It should also be seen that they can intermingle, entrepreneurs are business owners and entrepreneurs might invent things but the processes and goals are different. The process for entrepreneurs though, is always moving, and the process isn't tied to a specific product at all, it is simply tied to a process that can be applied to a product. That is entrepreneurship.