Day One of ESTEEM in Silicon Valley: 3/9/20

Author: Risa Takenaka

ESTEEM in YosemiteESTEEM in Yosemite

Sunday, March 8, 2020: Today, we officially kicked off our Silicon Valley trip with dinner at Cibo’s Restaurant in Mountain View.

Our classmates were coming from different places — some went to Las Vegas, others to Yosemite and Los Angeles, and I spent the weekend in Lake Tahoe with a group of 8.

At dinner, although we had only been apart for a few days, it was nice to see everyone, catch up, and hear about their weekends. Lots of hugs were given out :) 

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Our group had left Lake Tahoe at the crack of dawn to catch a sunrise at Emerald Bay (worth it!) and we took several pit stops on our 4 hour drive to the hotel. The drive was scenic and wasn’t bad at all, considering I essentially slept the entire time. After getting into San Jose, we stopped at a diner and met up with one of our classmates, Ashwin, who decided to pop off and rent a Porsche for a few days. 

After checking into the hotel and getting settled, we all piled into 9 minivans and headed to dinner. All of the drivers (besides Ashwin) opted for the soccer mom/dad vibe with their minivans, which was both practical and honestly kind of a good look for everyone. After a lovely toast given by David, we enjoyed many many plates of pasta and ravioli (I may or may not have eaten 6 plates) and conversed over wine. While the marinara sauce did me dirty and I was reminded of why I never wear white to dinner, it was really great to see everyone and I’m looking forward to the rest of the week in Silicon Valley!

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