Current ESTEEM student works with award-winning Hungarian startup

Author: Emily Tyson

Kunigunda SzentesKunigunda Szentes

Mindtech is a startup from Budapest innovating ADHD treatment and driver attention monitoring solutions. They have been awarded startup of the month by the Ministry of Hungarian National Economy. This prize is granted to companies who are deemed to play a significant part in Hungary's economic advancement and represent a spirit of innovation.











Tamás Králik, CEO of Mindtech, and his team have been working for two years on smart device applications to solve problems in the healthcare and safety domains. This year, for her capstone thesis project, ESTEEM student Kunigunda Szentes is working on a commercialization strategy of Mindetch’s solutions into the U.S. market.


TrainDHD and DriveAlert are two prize-winning applications, revolutionizing ADHD therapy and car accident prevention by using real-time brain data. A Neurosky headset and a smartphone device with a TrainDHD can empower children and young adults with ADHD to leverage their focusing difficulties. DriveAlert can prevent drowsy drivers from falling asleep behind the wheel. Both of these problems are significant and affect millions of people in the U.S. Mindtech hopes that its partnership with ESTEEM will help them succeed in bringing their technology into the U.S. market.


ESTEEM congratulates Mindtech on this achievement, and wishes the team good luck in the future!