Converting Science and Engineering Skills Into a Viable Business

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All types of engineers have ideas. Scientists, too. It’s part of the disciplines. It takes talent, skill and ingenuity to excel in these fields. But how do you convert that expertise into a functioning, thriving business?

That’s a question ESTEEM was built to answer. Each ESTEEM student works with a faculty mentor throughout the program and gets additional guidance in writing a business plan from the program’s directors.

Graduate-level science and engineering courses further refine your skills while you also explore finance, technical marketing, strategy and ethics in addition to technology and operations management through classes customized to the ESTEEM program.

But it’s not just the classes. The mentors and program directors lend their experience and expertise to help you through the entire program. While you hone your already-sharp technical skills, we help you develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

Employers look for engineers and scientists to be able to take innovative ideas from concept to product to market. If you plan to start your own business, you’ll be required to handle all that, and will be able to with the foundation you receive from ESTEEM.

You already have the innovative ideas. What are you going to do with them?