Connie Duckworth of ARZU Studio Hope speaks to ESTEEM students

Author: Colton Karch

Connie Duckworth, Founder of ARZU Studio HopeConnie Duckworth, Founder of ARZU Studio Hope

Yesterday, during our Leadership class, my fellow students and I had the pleasure of meeting Connie Duckworth, former partner at Goldman Sachs and founder of ARZU Studio Hope.

While Connie spoke to us on the topic of leadership, I thought the best insight she left us with was on how change happens: "Making change happen is like turning an oil tanker. You can spin the wheel, but at first nothing will happen because of the boat's momentum and speed. At that moment, you can either jump up and down and be upset, or you can sit back, light up your pipe, and enjoy the sunset."

Always prioritize your work as the now, near, and future. Do the now, keep your eye on the near, and always be thinking about the future. That's how you make great things happen.

Much thanks to Connie for taking the time to meet with us!