Capstone Project Spotlight: Brandon McNabb and SRAM

Author: Brandon McNabb

Brandon McNabb (ESTEEM '21)Brandon McNabb (ESTEEM '21)

Do you remember the first time you were able to ride a bike? Do you remember that exhilarating  feeling of freedom when you took off the training wheels and rolled clumsily down the street? For  many, this milestone marked the beginning of a lifetime of memories. They continued to use the bicycle  as a vehicle for exploration, for transportation, for entertainment, for challenging themselves, and even  for making new connections. 

SRAM, a bicycle component manufacturing company based in Chicago, recognizes the power of  the bicycle. Founded in 1987, SRAM and their family of brands has risen to the forefront of the cycling  industry by creating innovative products to help improve people’s lives and help them chase their  dreams. This past year, I have had the opportunity and the pleasure of working alongside SRAM for my  capstone project. 

The focus of my capstone project revolves around creating a data measurement solution for  cycling events. Every year (at least before COVID-19), SRAM will attend a variety of cycling events all  around the world to engage with riders and the cycling community. However, SRAM was struggling to  quantify the value of attending these events, as well as the impact they were delivering to riders. For my  project, I have created a strategy to solve this problem by developing a simple solution to capture and  analyze event performance. To guide my recommendations, I utilized data collected from 50+ internal  and external stakeholder interviews, as well as results from a survey distributed to 250+ riders. 

What I value most is the people that I surround myself with. It is why I chose to enroll in the  ESTEEM program, and it is the reason why I chose this capstone project. It has been wonderful getting to  collaborate with and learn from so many incredible and talented people at SRAM. I also have loved the  opportunity to speak with riders whose extreme passion about cycling is contagious. It has been an  amazing journey so far, and I have learned so much in such a short period of time. I cannot wait to bring  these experiences with me as I take off my own personal training wheels and start my career in June