Can My Degree Change the World?

Author: Notre Dame ESTEEM


As someone with a degree in Science and Engineering the pursuit of a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship might seem like an interesting non sequitur.  On the surface level they appear as two vastly different career paths. Science and Engineering has a focus on technology and innovation, Entrepreneurship is inherent to the world of business.  However, as is often the case in life, upon further examination these two trades not only compliment each other, in many ways they’re perfectly congruent.  

In the ESTEEM program at Notre Dame, Science and Engineering students will utilize the skills they learned during their undergraduate program and take that knowledge to the next level.  Whereas an undergraduate program lends itself perfectly to the development of the skills necessary for advancement in the ever-evolving field of innovation, a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship helps the student take their invention and turn it into a commercial success.  Participants in the ESTEEM program not only improve their technical skills, but also cover such topics such as marketing, strategy, leadership, operations, and other advanced financial topics.  After completion of the 1-year long program students will be able to hit the ground running in both the world of technology as well as in the world of business.  

A program like ESTEEM that combines business savvy with concrete skills such as engineering, science and technology is a perfect hybrid of what sells in todays market.  With so many major advances currently being made in the technology sector this is a degree that can literally change the world.