Business Incubators - Helping to Grow Success

Author: Notre Dame ESTEEM

Once you are ready to bring an idea, product or service to market you will also need to decide from where you will run your future worldwide corporation. For some, it may be the kitchen table. However, others are opting for business incubators.


There are a wide variety of incubators from which to choose, but one popular choice is to select an incubator that is aligned to your particular kind of work or future product. Entrepreneurs enjoy a synergistic environment when working with fellow like-minded start-ups within an incubator built to grow businesses within a specific industry. Often, these options are affiliated with larger parent companies such as Slingshot Labs in Santa Monica, CA founded by MySpace creators Josh Berman and Colin Digiaro. Others could be run by non-profits or founded with seed money provided municipalities or state initiatives.


Regardless of where your future company may call home, incubators are a good first step for companies seeking the energy it provides while minimizing the cost and some of the risk associated with a start-up endeavor.