Bryce Ramos: L'Oreal Chemist and 2010 Notre Dame ESTEEM Graduate

Author: Notre Dame ESTEEM

Bryce Ramos graduated from the ESTEEM program at Notre Dame in 2010, and soon after was offered a position at L'Oreal USA.  When recently asked about his experiences during and after ESTEEM, here is what he had to say:

bryce_ramos“I am a Chemist for L'Oreal USA and assigned to the Nail Lab in Macquillage Group (French term for "makeup").  As a Chemist, I have a number of responsibilities to create innovative and fashion-forward products and oversee the entrance of them to market.  I create and develop nail enamel shades for many of the company's international brands, participate in quality and safety testing, strengthen products through the identification of novel components and methodologies, and interact with an international cross-functional team to oversee the duties to ensure products enter the market. Over a short, four month period, I have participated in a major international line launch that has already captured a large market in Europe.

The thesis experience was a pivotal part of my experience with ESTEEM.  I chose to work alongside Dr. Holly Goodson and Julia Philip, a current Ph.D. candidate, as they explored a potential biosensor to detect specific pollutants in water supplies.  The nascent technology incorporates modified yeast programmed to produce alerts upon the presence of determined stimuli.

ESTEEM complimented my undergraduate studies greatly.  I graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2009 with a degree in Science-Business and a minor in Portuguese & Brazilian Studies.  ESTEEM allowed me to advance my aptitude in both scientific know-how and business acumen.  Also, I had the opportunity to exercise and enhance my investigative research skills since my Capstone thesis project required extensive use of scientific literature, industry reports, patents and enacted laws and legislation.

The ESTEEM Program challenged me to engage in entrepreneurial processes and develop essential skills that will be an integral part of my career.  The environment the program cultivates allowed me to develop my creative problem solving and project management skills and instill in me a high degree of professionalism.  Such skills and abilities have assisted me greatly in my work at L'Oreal where I am required to have an entrepreneurial mindset to create solutions based upon market needs and identify ways to get those products into the hands of consumers.”

Congratulations Bryce!