Beauty Industry Disruption: ESTEEM Graduates Revolutionize with Cutting-Edge AI Tools

Author: Notre Dame ESTEEM

roboMUA FoundersroboMUA Founders

Emmanuel Acheampong, ESTEEM ‘21, and Rofy Okyere-Forson, ESTEEM ’22, are working to revolutionize the beauty industry with AI-powered tools geared towards matching beauty & skincare products to all skin shades.

The pair are co-founders of roboMUA, a cutting-edge startup that uses artificial intelligence to help consumers find the perfect beauty products for their unique skin shade. The roboMUA mobile app makes it easy to get personalized product recommendations specific to your skin tone, save and track your favorite products, and even shop for products directly within the app.

Additionally, roboMUA uses advanced AI techniques to create highly scalable custom algorithms for beauty and consumer brands that can be used not only for product recommendation and improving the customer experience, but also provide value on how to better handle customer segmentation and supply chain optimization.

Nude Barre, a specialty line of underwear and hosiery made in 12 shades of nude to reflect the full spectrum of skin tones, is currently using roboMUA’s AI algorithms to help their customers find the right shade of hosiery and shapewear.

“I think with Nude Barre — working with them to build a unique algorithm for matching shapewear was super interesting & one of the best things that has happened to us. If you look online — you’re not going to find an algorithm that matches shapewear at this point…To collaborate with a small business and help them build an algorithm that doesn’t yet exist was the most amazing thing…bringing something that does not yet exist into this world.”

Having both spent some time at Morgan Stanley, Emmanuel & Rofy knew each other before they married their technical skillets with a strong understanding of building a business & entrepreneurship at the ESTEEM program. Since then, they have come together in pursuit of leveraging AI to solve the basic needs of consumers in an industry that is fighting for more inclusion.