Alumni Spotlight: Natalie May '18 is a Senior Account Manager at Stackline

Author: Gene Stowe

Natalie May (ESTEEM '18)Natalie May (ESTEEM '18)

Natalie May, who earned a degree in chemistry/biochemistry at John Carroll University in Cleveland, noticed in her internship at a cosmetics chemical company that she preferred innovation and client interaction to laboratory benchwork. So she joined the ESTEEM class of 2018, where she was a part of the INVANTI social venture cohort and co-founded Collegiate Soaps in addition to her capstone on a novel technology for the food and beverage industry. 

“I was still able to dabble in the cosmetics interests that I had,” May says. “I found a passion for retail and growing e-commerce brands.”

After she graduated, May took a job at where she learned the retail industry, then moved to the brand consulting firm, Stackline in Seattle, where she is a senior account manager focused on e-commerce strategy.

“We help the biggest brands in retail grow their businesses online,” she says. “I always liked working with companies to grow their digital footprint and help them connect with their customers, and that’s where I am today.”

Her new role draws on the skills she learned at ESTEEM and in the Collegiate Soaps startup – business model canvas, design thinking, de-risking new business ideas, and more – in the context of a thriving startup that recently raised $50 million in growth equity investment. 

“I am specifically working on an internal project right now where I’m getting to build a go to market strategy for a new product,” May says. “I find myself referencing ESTEEM materials or having conversations with peers from my cohort to get into that entrepreneurial mindset.”