Alumni Spotlight: 2010 ESTEEM Graduate Tiffany Hickox

Author: Notre Dame ESTEEM

Tiffany Hickox, a graduate of the 2010 ESTEEM Program, has found success working for an Indiana-based environmental technology company, Environmental DNA Solutions.  The company works with local, state, and federal officials to help combat aquatic invasive species such as the Asian carp, which threatens the Great Lakes ecosystem.  eDNA detection technology, pioneered by scientists at the University of Notre Dame, allows for the sensitive and specific detection of aquatic species, giving an early-warning indication of their presence.  


Tiffany, a double domer who graduated from Notre Dame with a degree in Environmental Science in 2009, currently serves as the Program Manager of eDNA Solutions.  She is responsible for handling all of the day-to-day operations of the company, from marketing to project management.  She notes, “Being part of a startup, I wear many hats and have a strong impact on every aspect of the company.” The future of Environmental DNA Solutions is full of potential, as there are many diverse applications of their technology in both the private and public sectors.


During her time in the ESTEEM Program, Tiffany worked through a series of carefully crafted courses, in-depth research, and rigorous project requirements to give her the specific technical and business experience needed to see her ideas through to business development.  For her capstone project Tiffany defended her thesis on “Climate Change Adaptation Consulting for Conservation and Natural Resource Management”, advised by Dr. Jason McLachlan.