A Week in the Life of an ESTEEM Student

Author: Jarrett Haley


"If there’s anywhere in the US where you can feel at home as an Irishman, it’s Notre Dame."

So says ESTEEM student Shane Mcquillan in a recent piece for The Irish Times, a newspaper from Ireland. The sentiment pervades the rest of the article, which details a week in the life of this recent graduate from Dublin City College and current Naughton fellow with ESTEEM.

Just take a look at his Tuesday:

"I’m putting a shape on my thesis plan. I will be working on a mobile application to detect concussions. It’s a very exciting project with great business prospects.

Each week I meet with my technical advisers, Dr Christian Poellabauer and Prof Patrick Flynn.

First I must detail the technology behind the concept. To get a thorough understanding of it, I am developing a testing application. It will be developed for the iPad – and I have no experience with Apple’s development software. I appreciate the chance to get exposure to the technology, as there is great business potential in mobile applications.

Next I’m off to entrepreneurship boot camp. At this session guest lecturers who are experienced entrepreneurs challenge us to improve our entrepreneurial mindset..." 

And what week would be complete without a football game in what's proved to be the most glorious of seasons? "Imagine more than 80,000 fans screaming, chanting and singing, most of them rooting for Notre Dame. The passion for the sport here really doesn’t surprise me."

Check out the entire article and see what's in store for you as an ESTEEM student!