7 Things I Learned About Entrepreneurship from Sitcoms

Author: Notre Dame ESTEEM

Television sitcoms are more than just a repository for the canned guffaws of the dreaded laugh track. If we look hard enough, they, and the characters that inhabit them, also have much to teach us about entrepreneurship.


1. Make Sure No One Is Going to Beat You to the Idea

The Big Bang Theory guys forgot to check the competition before investing...


2. Don’t Be Afraid to Toot Your Own Horn

Maybe not as loudly and frequently as Zapp Brannigan, but you get the drift. One doesn’t become a 25-star general without a little legend-building.


3. Give Them Real Value, Build a Relationship

George’s car was not actually owned by Jon Voight -- and we doubt he’ll be heading back to that dealer.


4. You Should Probably Use More Acronyms

Okay, a little tongue-in-cheek, but come on, we’re all TED fans, right? Seriously, acronyms FTW.


5. Don’t Be a “Chicken” (Whatever That Might Sound Like)

Or your board of directors will give you the Bluth Family treatment. Seriously, we’ve seen it.


6. Don’t Waste Time Repeating Yourself

If, at a certain point, people aren’t interested in what you’re selling, it’s probably time to pivot.


7. Dress for Success

Honestly, the days of the slacker millionaire slouching in a VC meeting are done. Moreover, if you feel good about your general appearance, coupling this with the confidence you have in your idea can be a winning combination.