6 Startup Blogs to Read Now

Author: Notre Dame ESTEEM

(In no particular order...)


1. Kate Kendall

Why: Founder of Fetch, a place for professionals to stay up on local events, Kendall has a cheeky writing style, great insights on the good and bad in being an entrepreneur. Energetically honest about some of the lameness of startups and their founders. To wit, on how everyone is ‘hustling’ nowadays: “every founder is hustling their energetic jazz hands across the startup community.” Just fantastic.

Twitter: @katekendall
Link: http://katekendall.com


2. Kickstarter

Why: Crowdfunding is becoming a legit way to get some startup capital for an idea -- especially one that’s extremely niche or off-the-wall. The Kickstarter blog can give you insight into the system and the way people use it.

Twitter @kickstarter
Link http://www.kickstarter.com/blog


3. Startup Lessons Learned by Eric Ries

Why: The guy wrote The Lean Startup. Founded IMVU. Popularized “Minimum Viable Product”. Helped your startup succeed with a method for the madness. What else do you want from the man?

Twitter @ericries
Link http://startuplessonslearned.com

4. The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau

Why: Author of The $100 Startup, the man is non-stop font of inspiration. Has traveled to every country in the world and makes nanobusiness look like, well, the business.

Twitter @chrisguillebeau
Link http://chrisguillebeau.com/3x5/

5. Dan Lyon on ReadWrite

Why: Anyone who spends time in StartupLand knows it gets a little bit saccharine and TEDish. Sometimes the best thing is a little cold water tossed on your good feelings. Life can be a bummer, and if you follow only teeth-rottingly sweet startup blogs, you’re missing some of the useful lessons that come with an occasional connection to reality.

Twitter: @realdanlyons
Link: http://readwrite.com/author/dan-lyons


6. My Startup Has 30 Days to Live

Why: A slow-motion train wreck written by an entrepreneur who “took a bootstrapped (and profitable) startup onto the VC rocket ship. Now it's crashing into the ground. Hard.” Intense, heartrending, surprising. Read it back to front for best results.

Link: http://mystartuphas30daystolive.tumblr.com/


Those are our picks. What blogs would you add to the list?