Identifying and Developing a Go To Market Strategy for the HIPEC Equipment.

Student: Akshay Barve, 2017-2018

Sponsor: Sunbird Medica, Pune, India

In India where health insurance is not widespread, cancer patients especially those that are poor, have to grapple with the prohibitive cost of cancer treatment. One of the reasons for cancer therapy being costly is the fact that cancer therapy equipment can be very expensive especially if the associated technology is new to the medical field. In 2016 Sunbird Medica developed an HIPEC machine that helps treat cancer that has spread to the peritoneal cavity. The company is working on bringing down the acquisition cost of the equipment in the hands of the doctor to less than 20 % of the current equipment available in the market. The equipment is in its prototype stage and Sunbird Medica aims to launch it in early 2018. The thesis would involve identifying a go to market approach and developing a business plan for the market launch strategy for the equipment.