Brining Virtual Reality to the Enterprise

Student: Nash Franca, 2021-2022

Sponsor: B.I. Incorporated, Boulder, Colorado

The United States' community corrections industry has nearly 4.4 million individuals in the system with nearly 50% returning to prison or jail within three years. The high recidivism rate means companies like BI Incorporated are always looking to create better products to service the government agencies that oversee individuals in community corrections. BI Incorporated is a full-service electronic monitoring company that makes alcohol and location devices. This capstone project looks to investigate an emerging technology previously unrelated to the community corrections industry. Research into the technology and the unmet needs of the community corrections industry will be conducted. The project will interview government officials, officers, BI personnel, and potentially those in the programs themselves. These interviews will determine if there is a need for the technology and where it can be applied. If it is deemed marketable, further financial analysis will be conducted to decide if BI should pursue this technology in their R&D labs. A successful project will produce an in-depth analysis of the technology, its applications, marketability, financials, and how it could reduce recidivism in the United States.