Emily Tyson

Program Assistant for Marketing, Recruiting, and Alumni Engagement

Email: etyson@nd.edu
Phone: 574-631-8273

Emily joined the ESTEEM staff in November 2015 after over 20 years as a homeschooling mother of three.  

Emily has traveled extensively both domestically (she has only three States left to visit) and abroad. She has even had the wonderful privilege of living in England for several months, on two separate occasions. So far her international travel has included much of the U.K., multiple cities/countries in Europe, and a handful of Latin American destinations, and she looks forward to more travel in her future -- seeing new places and hopefully re-visiting a few of her favorites.

More recently, Emily has discovered a rather all-consuming passion for Latin social dancing. She also loves to sing with others and has ideas of hosting regular "Musical Evenings" in her home. It pleases Emily greatly to be living where she can walk or ride her bicycle to almost everywhere she needs or wants to go.