Make the Most of Your Comp-sci Degree

Training computer scientists and software developers to drive their own businesses

  • Business Ready. Learn essential business skills through the lens of a tech startup.
  • Technically Sound. Capitalize on your computer science and data analysis skills to fuel a startup idea through our Capstone Thesis Project.
  • Network Savvy. Explore new career opportunities and meet industry leaders, angel investors, and others who are pioneers in their field.

A Focus on Technology

As part of Notre Dame’s 11-month entrepreneurship program students learn not only about startups in general but specifically about the commercialization of innovative science, engineering, and technology discoveries and innovations.

Our Master of Science degree trains students with a computer science background in the practical business tools they need for successful startup launches. Financing and accounting classes teach how to plan a path to profitability and how to attract money from the right investors. Marketing and business law classes cover strategies for differentiating a product and how to protect intellectual property.

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