Taylor Johnson

Taylor Johnson

Major: Mechanical Engineering

From a small town in rural Montana, Taylor chose to attend Gonzaga University and pursue a mechanical engineering degree with a minor in entrepreneurial leadership. While at Gonzaga, Taylor consistently excelled in academics and received seven listings on the President's List in addition to graduating with the distinction of magna cum laude. He also participated in Tau Beta Pi, ASME, and countless intramural sports teams.

During his undergraduate education Taylor held two internship positions. The first was at an engineering consulting firm where he helped design a medical gas piping system on a multi-million dollar project. His next position was at Lakeside Capital representing ATC Manufacturing. For Lakeside, Taylor developed a project ranking tool that prioritized potential client projects based on sales, expenses (fixed and variable), and long-term goals to simplify the management decision making process. Taylor's experiences in the Hogan Entrepreneurial Leadership Program introduced him to the world of entrepreneurship which led him to the ESTEEM Program at Notre Dame. Through the ESTEEM Program, he will add actionable business skills to his already existing technical problem-solving skills -- a combination which will allow Taylor to apply himself in nearly any field.

Taylor hopes to start his career in consulting and continue to constantly learn and improve upon his current skill set with the end goal of starting his own business.