Nessan Harpur

Nessan Harpur

Major: Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering

Growing up in Dublin, Ireland, Nessan chose to study for a five-year bachelor and master of arts in Engineering at Trinity College Dublin. He received a distinction for his five-year degree in June 2016. His project involved developing a model for service robots to engage in dynamic social interaction. Additionally, during his tenure at Trinity, he managed group projects, kick-started the Engineers Without Borders society, and ran for Student Union president.

Nessan is excited about his capstone thesis project which involves developing a business case for deployment of a data-center solution in Ireland and Europe. This project is sponsored by Global Access Point (GAP) based in South Bend and The HR Company based in Dublin, Ireland. 

Nessan has traveled to over 30 countries in four separate continents, including a trip from the tip of Africa in Morocco, all the way to Johannesburg in South Africa. He enjoys reading, all sorts of films and live music. After ESTEEM Nessan hopes to explore strategy consulting and further study in the field of business administration before returning to his family in Ireland.