Matt Brooks

Matt Brooks

Major: Computer Science

As an entrepreneur and consumer software visionary with a passion for computer science and a drive to lead teams to solve real-world problems for the individual, Matt desires to make an impact in the world. His interest in software engineering and computer science emerged while working on his bachelor's degree at Stonehill College where he excelled both in and out of the classroom by supplementing his formal education in computer science with independent research in many areas of computer science. Much of Matt's leisure time has been spent working on productivity tools that leverage these topics in new and innovative ways.

Matt is now using his graduate studies at the ESTEEM Program at Notre Dame to further pursue knowledge and experience in the field. Although his intellectual pursuits have primarily been centered around computer science, he has always enjoyed and found great success in leading and working with teams to accomplish common goals. As a Software Engineer intern at the Staples Inc. headquarters in Framingham Massachusetts, he led joint development efforts related to the security and auditing systems of production software. Additionally, as the Publicity Officer and subsequently Vice President of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) at Stonehill College, he organized hackathons, programming competitions, and alumni talks.  

Whether it is through his ESTEEM thesis project or one of his many personal software projects, Matt seeks to establish a presence in the consumer software industry as a resourceful and capable executive, firmly focused on the needs of the individual.