Margot Hughan

Margot Hughan

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Margot’s commitment to social justice is her greatest motivator. She believes in the power of empathy and the importance of understanding the context of a problem before presuming to have a solution. She is excited to find ways to leverage the analytical engineering skills, passion for design, and problem-solving tools she has acquired through design thinking to find sustainable solutions to real problems.

Margot is part of the Venture Founders Program co-sponsored by ESTEEM and enFocus Inc., where she is using human-centered design thinking to dig into a challenge and work towards a scalable venture.
For her capstone thesis project, Margot is partnering with Manufacturing Technology Inc. (MTI) to investigate markets for their new method of friction welding. As an undergraduate student at Notre Dame, Margot was president of Engineers Without Borders and as a graduate student, she is still advising the team as they continue to work towards establishing a potable water source in Sangmelima, Cameroon. Through these experiences, Margot has learned to take a holistic approach to solving complex social issues and how to determine which skills and interests she can use most effectively to find solutions.

She is an avid backpacker, a Tetris master, and a proud native of San Francisco.