Kellan Carney

Kellan Carney

Major: Biology

Originally from Minneapolis, Kellan attended Villanova University in Philadelphia with the intent of applying to medical school after earning his degree. During his time at Villanova, he found a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, specifically in the medical field. With that in mind, he earned a business minor and found it incredibly fulfilling. Since then, he’s been captivated by entrepreneurship and new business ventures, which lead him to the ESTEEM program.

In the ESTEEM program, Kellan will continue with his interests in the healthcare field, working to commercialize a novel therapeutic for diabetic wound care. He will also be working as a Venture Intern for enFocus, a South Bend-based non-profit that uses entrepreneurship to help improve local communities.  

While Kellan is currently applying to medical schools, he is looking forward to additional opportunities that ESTEEM will offer. He is specifically interested in consulting as it presents the same type of problem solving mentality that attracts him to the field of medicine. Whatever career Kellan ends up choosing, he hopes to use his medical interests and entrepreneurial spirit to be a powerful force for good in the world.