Germán Estrada

Germán Estrada

Major: Economics

Germán is from Peru, and has a bachelor's degree in Economics and a master’s degree in Finance. He has always been interested in Science & Technology and he joined the ESTEEM program because he wants to develop new skills related to that. He strongly believes that the ESTEEM program takes the most innovative courses from business programs and forces students to apply this knowledge in their capstone thesis project. Additionally, he is going to be immersed in an entrepreneurial and technology environment.

Germán’s thesis project involves research about the application of Distributed Ledger technology for use in cross border payments by individuals. He is very excited about this innovative technology because it is in an early development phase and its successful application into banking could imply a disruption in the Financial Industry.

Before he joined ESTEEM, Germán was a leader of a consulting team at PwC, in Lima, Peru. He and his team advised several clients with Business Valuations models for several strategic purposes. He also worked at BBVA’s Investment Banking division as an Equity research analyst.  He also did academic research and consulting in Value Creation. Germán taught Finance classes for graduate and undergraduate students in one of the most renowned universities in Lima, Peru.