Eva Marie Costello

Eva Marie Costello

Major: Physics with Medical Physics

Eva Marie is fixated on fusing technology and social entrepreneurship to make a global impact.

At the age of 15 she took her first trip to India and knew then that her mission was to help and learn from the people there. To do this she founded a nonprofit, Ashirbad, which focuses on improving education and well-being for children who have been freed from child labor. 

To understand the world around her and delve into technical problem solving, Eva Marie studied Physics at University. Upon graduating she took up a position at the world's leading medical device company Medtronic. For the last two years she worked for the world's third largest seed investor; Enterprise Ireland, in its Silicon Valley office where she helped Irish startups release their full potential in the San Francisco Bay Area by connecting them to the right people and helping them develop their business to fit the market.

While in the ESTEEM program Eva Marie is carrying out her thesis with Diona, an Irish social tech startup. Her project involves introducing mobility solutions to health and human services agencies and NGOs in the Midwest region.  She also recently started an internship with EnFocus in South Bend where she is using human-centered design skills to create a scalable venture that solves a social problem.  She will be concentrating on the relationship between connectivity and development.

Uniting her experience in technology, global development, and social innovation, Eva Marie will continue to dedicate herself to solving real problems affecting real people.