Ethan Sauer

Ethan Sauer

Major: Physics

Born and raised in South Bend, Ethan studied Physics with a concentration in Advanced Physics at the University of Notre Dame. As an undergraduate, Ethan worked as a researcher, initially in the area of computational physics and subsequently in experimental nuclear physics.

During his senior year, Ethan took two industrial design courses, discovering a passion for the design thinking approach and the power of ideas made real. He became aware of ESTEEM through his classmates, several of whom were part of the program. Coming into ESTEEM, Ethan plans to join his quantitative and problem solving skills from physics and careful creative thinking from design with the business tools provided by the program to create solutions for businesses of all types. He is taking his first step on this path with Global Access Point, where his thesis work involves helping analyze markets for and configurations of GAP’s POD data center system.