Emily Tokarowski

Emily Tokarowski

Major: Environmental Studies and Communication

Emily is a creative, passionate, and open-minded entrepreneur constantly looking for new ways to address our planet's environmental issues. Her goal is to reduce the negative health impacts and economic losses that result from our current environmental circumstances.

Her undergraduate career took place at Stonehill College in Easton, Massachusetts where she received a Bachelor of Arts in environmental studies and communication. During those four years, Emily learned more about  environmentally destructive habits and various ways to affect peoples’ attitudes towards correcting those habits. For example, her environmental class tent camped for 10 days in the Florida Everglades, learning of the region’s significance, biodiversity, and conservation efforts. In addition, she worked as a crewmember aboard SEA Semester’s 135-foot brigantine while sailing around the country of New Zealand. During this 12-week program, she conducted individual research on the implementation and public opinion of wind energy in both rural and urban locations in the southern tip of the North Island.  

For her capstone thesis project while in the ESTEEM Program, Emily will look at what urban areas require to be more resilient to the effects of climate change.  The goal is to utilize big data to help reduce the challenges that come with adapting a city to climate change.  A consulting guild will be created to help urban decision makers allocate their resources to better withstand the current and impending consequences of climate change.