Davis DeFontes

Davis DeFontes

Major: Integrative Neuroscience

Davis attended Fordham University for his undergraduate degree, and during his tenure there sought to explore and examine his passions -- sport, music, learning, and entrepreneurship -- at every opportunity.  He was fortunate to join an enlightened research laboratory team, was a two-year captain of the Varsity Water polo team, started a band performing in public venues, and bought bulk items off of eBay and sold them as individual items. 

While working in a computational neuroscience lab at Fordham, Davis taught himself MATLAB and is currently utilizing these skills to create and bring to market a new method to analyze brain impacts and provide physicians with useful information to aid in treating brain injuries. This personal dream turned Founder's Project in the ESTEEM Program will help Davis achieve his goal of changing the way healthcare approaches head-traumas.  He believes that by incorporating his leadership skills, a strong science background, and a deep desire to affect change, this goal will be accomplished.

Davis brings the many lessons and skills he has learned together to create an optimistic atmosphere fostering intellectual curiosity and creative solutions whenever possible. He firmly believes that optimism breeds opportunity and he desires to utilize his experience to create this environment and orient the future in a positive direction.