David Hardwicke

David Hardwicke

Major: Biochemistry

David hails from the small city of Cork, Ireland. He earned his BSc in Biochemistry at University College Cork where he was heavily involved in many aspects of student life. Amongst other things, he was President of the Entrepreneurial Society which saw him organize numerous events and manage a committee of 20 people, all with the aim of promoting and supporting entrepreneurship in his hometown. During his time with the Entrepreneurial Society, David cultivated and grew his passion for problem solving and innovation. He is passionate about making a difference and used his time at university to do just that. He worked with many charities and social enterprises over the last 3 years to raise money for vital causes and encourage his peers to make a positive difference in their communities. David loves to travel and was fortunate enough to gain extensive international work experience working at an innovative start-up based in California and an international communications company based in London. Amongst others, he has hugely enjoyed working with Microsoft during his time at university to help students understand how technology can improve their college experience.

As an avid scientist, David is excited about the incredible opportunities that await at the interface of science and entrepreneurship. His passions lie in meeting the world's growing problems with positive, pro-active solutions and is looking forward to developing his skill-set at Notre Dame over the coming year. He believes the ESTEEM course is tremendous opportunity to apply his technical background with the business skills needed to make a real difference. For his capstone thesis, David is excited to be working on immunotherapy, which he believes offers a new, exciting era in cancer therapy.  David is eager to help commercialize this technology to maximize its incredible potential benefits.

In his spare time David enjoys playing soccer, golf, reading and meeting new people from diverse backgrounds.