Constanza Lengerich

Constanza Lengerich

Major: Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering (Minor in Graphics Design)

Constanza received her B.S. in Industrial Engineering with a minor in Graphic Design at Universidad del Desarrollo, Chile.

Prior to enrolling in ESTEEM, Constanza co-founded a company with her sister called HMSolution Inc., which developed a cost-effective water treatment system for arsenic removal. She and her team raised funds in Chile and the United States to continue validating the market and developing the product. Her passion for entrepreneurship and innovation also led her to contribute to the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Southern Chile, by working as the representative of the Start-Up Chile Program, the biggest startup community in the world. 

Constanza's capstone thesis project involves assessing the commercialization potential for the first preventative solution for severe allergic reactions.  She is a research assistant at The University's Keough School for Global Affairs.

In her spare time, she enjoys biking, hiking, traveling, and learning about different cultures. In the long term, Constanza sees herself actively helping scientists and companies bring new technologies to market that will positively impact the world and people's lives.