Connor Einertson

Connor Einertson

Major: Biology

Connor graduated this past spring from DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana where he majored in biology and minored in religious studies. During his time at DePauw he also played on the baseball team where he neared various all-time career hitting records and helped his team capture a conference championship in 2014.  

After every academic year at DePauw, Connor would return to his hometown in St. Louis, Missouri to gain professional experience through jobs and internships. Over the course of three summers he gained experience in the areas of clinical research, conservation research, interpersonal communication and marketing, and healthcare operations. The liberal arts education style was appealing to Connor and ultimately made him realize that he did not have a narrow field of interest but enjoyed learning different subjects and different career skills. Ultimately, this type of learning was what drew Connor to the ESTEEM program. He believes the ESTEEM Program will allow him to take his scientific technical background and apply it to the business and entrepreneurial skills he cultivates throughout this 11-month Master’s program at Notre Dame.

Connor's capstone thesis project is through the company In Vivo Concepts.  He will be working on a commercialization and expansion strategy for anesthesia delivery manifolds to be used in pre-clinical research. Upon graduating from Notre Dame, Connor plans to seek a career in biotechnology, life science consulting, medical devices, or healthcare.