Aaron Molloy

Aaron Molloy

Major: Electronic & Electrical Engineering

‘Growing up in a small town in the west of Ireland, Aaron studied engineering at the National University of Ireland, Galway. In addition to his academic endeavours, Aaron was honoured to lead both innovation societies on campus: the Entrepreneurship Society and Enactus. He was also appointed EU Ambassador to the University and worked closely with the EU Parliament and the Prime Minister's Office. Aaron also worked as an Intern Analyst in Accenture Ireland. While at Accenture, he was placed on a project for 6 months in a pillar Irish bank as part of the company's financial services technology practice, where he learned a significant amount in relation to issue management, user migration and project financials.

Aaron is very passionate about social entrepreneurship, having founded and led a social enterprise called the Wallflower Initiative which aims to support members of the homeless community and patients of a youth mental health institute. Working with people in need has opened Aaron's eyes to the positive impact one person can have. Aaron is also incredibly passionate about the European Union. Having worked for the European Commission and lived in Munich, Germany, he is an avid supporter of further European integration.

Aaron is fortunate to be a recipient of the Naughton Fellowship allowing him to study at the University of Notre Dame. He feels that ESTEEM brings together his passion for engineering and entrepreneurship. In the short term, Aaron hopes to work in consulting, before returning to Europe where he intends to be an entrepreneur.