Shifei (Faye) Wang

Class of 2017-2018

Tongji University, 2014
Industrial Design

Why I chose ESTEEM: After working for almost 3 years, I wanted to have a gap from work and started to look for masters in business. With bachelor of engineering in industrial design and a startup with classmates, I decided to study entrepreneurial studies, and ESTEEM is a perfect fit.

My capstone thesis project and why I’m excited about it: My thesis project is Avanade AR. AR and MR are emerging technologies that I believe will change the way we see the world. Avanade provides a global platform for dreaming with eyes open.

What I hope to do after ESTEEM: I would like to change the world into a better place by working in technology, design or education industry after ESTEEM. I am very interested in social entrepreneurship as well.

What I like to do when I’m not working in Innovation Park: I have traveled to over 20 countries and exploring the world is my passion. I like yoga, especially aerial yoga. I enjoy singing and I am a freelance radio DJ and voice actress.