Rania Mohammed

Class of 2017-2018

Addis Ababa University, Faculty of Medicine, 2010
General Practitioner (Medical Doctor)

Why I chose ESTEEM: I came to know about this program during my YALI 2016 fellowship we had a couple of classes and within that limited time i was inspired and learned basic concepts that helped me start a new department in the hospital i work at in Ethiopia. That office is currently one of the most productive part of the hospital that has brought significant change in less than a year.

My capstone thesis project and why I'm excited about it: My thesis project is a founders project on focuses on primary prevention of cervical cancer by using novel bio markers. I'm excited about it because I will be learning a lot about the mechanism and skills required in launching new breakthrough technologies and bringing them into reality which will help with many projects in the pipeline back in Ethiopia. But mostly excited that once this technology is brought to the market it will impact the lives of millions being affected by cervical cancer.

What I hope to do after ESTEEM: I hope to go back home more equipped to expand and strengthen my hospital that will impact lives of more than 100 million. I will work hard to bring about the entrepreneurial mindset and concept to the public sector of our nation.

What I like to do when I'm not working in Innovation Park: It's been just 6 weeks, but I would like to explore Notre Dame more physically and also the different amazing opportunities that exist as well as get to know my classmates more.