Eoin Clancy

Class of 2017-2018

National University of Ireland, Galway, 2017
Computer Engineering

Why I chose ESTEEM: Most courses are overly focused on solely the business or technical aspects, whereas the ESTEEM course I feel, offers the perfect balance to develop my current technical skills and equip me with the specific business skills required to succeed in the world and to reach my potential. I chose the ESTEEM program as it offered the perfect environment and opportunity to immerse myself with like-minded people and shape me as a more versatile, well-rounded engineer and person.

My capstone thesis project and why I’m excited about it: For my capstone thesis I will be working with the Irish bio-medical company Aerogen. The thesis itself will concern the commercialization of a medical device. Aerogen’s devices are currently utilized throughout the world in multiple sections of hospitals, and are used in the delivery of medical drugs to patients through nebulization. This capstone thesis will identify the requirements for developing a device that is non-invasive and compliant with medical regulations to ensure optimum performance and detection ability in critical-care implementations. I am really passionate about this project as it will ensure that patients with respiratory illnesses get the care that they need as well as the care they deserve. I am also excited about it because I have seen at first-hand, the benefits and social impact that innovative technology can have in the real world. I will be working directly with critical-care providers to discover their pain-points and how Aerogen's solution can help fill their needs. In addition, I will be working within the areas of data science and electronics, where I will be using a variety of sensors and data manipulation techniques to extract valuable results from the recorded data.

What I hope to do after ESTEEM: Following ESTEEM I will continue to work for Aerogen, who are the world's leading manufacturer and distributor of high-performance aerosol drug delivery technology throughout the hospital. In addition, I want to continue improving my skills in the area of data analytics and pursue a career the sports-performance industry where I want to establish my own company.

What I like to do when I’m not working in Innovation Park: Besides following the Boston Celtics, I am a passionate supporter of Manchester United. Furthermore, I am a music fanatic and relish learning to play new songs on the guitar. With any remaining spare time, I love completing small electronics projects to automate daily activities.