Daniel Hogan

Class of 2017-2018

Boston College, 2016

Why I chose ESTEEM: I wanted to learn more about the technical and financial strategies that are required to bring healthcare innovation to patients.

My capstone thesis project and why I’m excited about it: My capstone thesis involves exploring the market potential of successful treatments for a debilitating orphan disease known as CDKL5. Partnering with Amicus Therapeutics, I will provide strategies and solutions for obstacles to commercialization for their novel therapeutics. I hope to provide clever insights in order to better the lives of patients.

What I hope to do after ESTEEM: I hope to matriculate to medical school next fall. As a physician, I would utilize my entrepreneurial skills to transform cutting-edge science into exceptional care.

What I like to do when I’m not working in Innovation Park: I like to take attend the talks of the world-class researchers that come to campus, read medically-related literature, tailgate for football games and golf with my classmates.