Current Thesis Projects

University Research

  • Assessing social engagement and anxiety of autistic children using continuous speech analysis
  • Commercialization of a novel therapeutic for diabetic wound care
  • Tunable attribute precision screening for antimicrobials
  • An early-stage cancer diagnostic
  • A comprehensive business model for a newly developed ankle brace
  • Designing endoscopic tool guides
  • Structure guided design of T-cell receptors for improved immunotherapy
  • An innovative solution for police officers in their war on drugs
  • The first preventative solution for allergy reactions
  • Fluorescent image guided surgery

Industry Sponsored Projects

  • Providing an Enhanced Education Financing Solution Through Technology-Enabled Internet Portals
  • Government acquisition of a homemade explosives detection Kit
  • Introducing mobility solutions to health and human services agencies and NGOs in the Midwest region of the U.S.
  • Point of sale solutions for small business customers
  • Development of anesthesia manifolds for equal delivery of isoflurane to mice and rats
  • The global use of distributed ledger technology for use in cross border payments by individuals and small businesses
  • Optimization of wastewater effluent
  • A business case for the deployment of process optimized data centers in Ireland
  • Investigating markets for a low force friction welding technique
  • Creating a market penetration plan for a test strip used to monitor the cleaning process used with medical instruments
  • Investigation of skin and core material properties relevant to the aerospace industry
  • Improving Fabry patient quality of life through innovative drug delivery solutions
  • Commercialization of smart pump technology
  • Commercialization and optimization of an online made-to-order paper cup template designer
  • User equipment resident controls to assist network goals
  • Developing a next-generation drug to treat epidermolysis bullosa
  • Market analysis for the POD modular data Center System
  • Physical vapor deposition for aircraft transparencies
  • Niche commercial applications for natural graphite
  • Leveraging big data to solve urban climate change adaptation challenges
  • Developing new therapeutic entities to address unmet needs in orphan diseases

Founder’s Projects

  • Creating a more efficient, effective, and affordable method for detecting head injury
  • Developing a digital content management tool that learns from how users organize their content