Industry Sponsored Project: NanoSynth


The 2015-2016 ESTEEM class has three students working with Notre Dame alum Jason Young at NanoSynth Materials and Sensors. NanoSynth is a research-based company located in Salt Lake City, Utah. NanoSynth is making cutting-edge advancements in the fields of chemistry, biology, alternative energy and adaptable technology. Their projects span various fields and application such as miniature sensors and devices, solar energy conversion and storage, biomedical composites, optoelectronic devices, and biodiesel.…

Associate Dean/ESTEEM Director Delivers Hesburgh Lecture in Silicon Valley

David Murphy Picture

In his 2015 Hesburgh Lecture on October 20th at the new Levi's Stadium in San Francisco, David Murphy, Associate Dean of Entrepreneurship for the Colleges of Science and Engineering, highlighted several strategic developments at Notre Dame that have helped to advance the development of a deep and robust ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship at Our Lady's University.  Nearly 300 people attended the networking event and lecture sponsored by the Notre Dame Club of San Jose and Notre Dame California.   Murphy was introduced by former Dean of Science and current Vice President and Associate Provost, Greg Crawford, following Crawford's comments outlining key strategic goals for Notre Dame California.  …

Powerful Code for Good

Months ago in mid-June, three Irish students were only a handful of days on American soil but plans were already forming to help make a change in the South Bend community. Yerlan Turekeshov, Mark Roche and Stephen Ennis all have a background in computer science. More importantly the three ESTEEM students were eager to give back and help future generations enter their field.

Industry Sponsored Project: Banjo

Over 50% of our students this year are working on Industry-Sponsored Projects.  This week's project is presented by Jordan Schwers.


Banjo Corporation started in the garage of Jack Canine in 1959 as Terra-Knife, an agricultural supply company that provided fertilizer knives to farmers. Since its humble beginnings, Banjo has grown to become a leader in offering high-quality liquid handling products for various applications. Banjo joined IDEX Corporation’s Fluid and Metering Technology Division in 2006 to strengthen IDEX’s already robust global position in delivering complete fluidics solutions to the agricultural and industrial industries.…

Industry Sponsored Project: Indiana Integrated Circuits

IIC Logo

Indiana Integrated Circuits, LLC (IIC) was founded in 2009 by Jason Kulick and Professor Gary Bernstein to commercialize an innovative semiconductor packaging and interconnect technology. This technology, called Quilt Packaging (QP), exists as a result of research at the University of Notre Dame, but the company has subsequently moved operations to Innovation Park located in South Bend, Indiana.…

Industry Sponsored Projects: Cupprint


This year’s collection of thesis projects has definitely become one of the most diverse in the history of the ESTEEM program. With over half of them being industry sponsored it is easy to see the benefits and opportunities being presented to the class of 2016. Perhaps the most intriguing industry sponsored project this year is the expansion of CupPrint LLC into the United States, headed by current ESTEEM students Todd Hoogland and Paul Mahony.…

Making an Impact through Entrepreneurship


As an undergraduate at Xavier, majoring in environmental science with a minor in business, John Means was looking for a way to combine the two fields. He found it at ESTEEM.

“I wanted to seek out connections between environmental science and business,” Means explains. “They seemed to be two entirely separate things – doing something environmentally positive and generating profits and revenues. Business is what got me interested in ESTEEM. I started checking it out and looking at some of the projects that other students were doing. There was a lot of connection to environmentally-focused projects. They really push you to do something that has a greater social impact. That definitely caught my eye, and I saw there was opportunity there for me.”…

My Week in ESTEEM - Week 9


Welcome back to "My Week in ESTEEM" where students reflect upon their experiences in our program.  This week's blog is brought to us by Timothy Jacque who talks about catching up and focusing on his career search.

This week in ESTEEM was much different than my years in undergraduate. This week was spent on fall break; something that I previously did not have the opportunity to enjoy.  It was great to be able to travel and recap the previous week’s accomplishments - of finishing my oral exam for my thesis and presenting to the State of Indiana - to my family. Fall break was great because it included the USC versus Notre Dame rivalry football game and it allowed me to continue to search for a job for after graduation in May.…