Meet Our Neighbors: Horizon Packaging

Dan Cunningham likes to run long distances and lift heavy weights.  Whether it’s a half-marathon or a CrossFit workout, he first educates himself with what he needs to know and then puts in the hard work to gain the experience he needs to accomplish his fitness goals.  


From genetics to cyber security… and where ESTEEM fell in between

In a short two-year span, I went from being a developmental geneticist creating mutant double headed mosquito embryos at the University of Chicago, to marketing innovative cyber security solutions out here in Silicon Valley. Not your typical transition, and not one I would have ever really envisioned myself before enrolling in the ESTEEM Program at the University of Notre Dame.…

Applying for the Naughton Fellowship

Written by current Naughton Fellow, Mark Roche, the following is a breakdown of the Naughton application process from someone who went through the same process only one year ago!  Take a look and let us know if you have any questions!

Mark Roche Headshot  Small

You are an Irish university student applying for a Naughton Fellowship to the ESTEEM Program at the University of Notre Dame -- congratulations on your decision to invest in your future!  Let's look at the process and make it simple for you to complete the application.…

My Week in ESTEEM - Week 20


Welcome back to "My Week in ESTEEM" where students reflect upon their experiences in our program. This week's blog is brought to us by Zhou (Joe) Wu, a Marquette University graduate, who discusses his experience so far with ESTEEM and the week of "Financials". If you wish to contact Joe, you can email him at

Industry Sponsored Project: Slipstream

Over 50% of our students this year are working on Industry Sponsored Projects.  This week's project is presented by Arnaud Bacye.


Based in Granger, Slipstream Projects is an electrical/manufacturing startup company at the forefront of smart generation and the storage of energy. Led by a team of four -- including Lead Engineer Kevin O’Keeffe, a former ESTEEM student -- Slipstream has recently been driving innovation in the field of emergency power.…

My Week in ESTEEM - Week 15

Welcome back to "My Week in ESTEEM" where students reflect upon their experiences in our program.  This week's blog is brought to us by Jack Nee, a Boston College graduate, who discusses his trip back to his alma mater, the Boston Shamrock 2015 Series and Chapter 3 of his Capstone thesis.