ESTEEM Program Inspires Arts and Letters Majors to be Innovative Entrepreneurs


Take the skills liberal arts majors already have — analysis, communication, creative collaboration, critical thinking. Now add intensive training in business and entrepreneurship. That’s a recipe for success, according to College of Arts and Letters alumni who have gone on to Notre Dame’s Engineering, Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Excellence Master’s program (ESTEEM). The 11-month professional master’s degree program has primarily trained students with STEM backgrounds in business and entrepreneurship to spur the launch of startup companies. It is now also actively recruiting Arts and Letters majors.

Last Day in Silicon Valley & The Trip Home

Hard to believe we’re back in South Bend already.

The Hotel Aria Palo Alto

Friday was our last day in the rainy Silicon Valley. Last continental breakfast at the quaint Hotel Aria in Mountain View. Last haphazard piling into rented minivans. Last opportunity to cull as much insight about innovation from the hustlers, hackers, and hipsters here in the Valley leading the way into a very brave, new world. …

ESTEEM Students Plan Successful Startup Weekend

Current Student, Stephen Ennis reflects upon another well-planned and executed Startup Weekend powered by ESTEEM.

IDEO co-founder, Dennis Boyle, sits with students as they generate ideas

Ask a dozen people for the meaning of entrepreneurship and you’d be fortunate to converge on a single definition. Entrepreneurship gracefully and subtly side steps a definite form. Whatever your view of entrepreneurship, have no doubt, it was alive and well in Innovation Park during Startup Weekend 2016. For 54 hours on the super bowl weekend, Innovation Park was abuzz with an atmosphere of innovation, initiative and collaboration. Want to see entrepreneurship in the wild? Look no further than Startup Weekend.…

Day 4 in the Valley

After our day on Wednesday shadowing different people and visiting San Francisco, Thursday was a return to the non-stop schedule we had seen on Monday and Tuesday. We started the day off with a visit to Intersect ENT, a company based around the development of a solution for improving sinus pressure relief for patients after sinus surgery through the use of a small, dissolvable implant. After a brief presentation from CEO and President, Lisa Earnhardt, we had a brief Q&A with their research and development team followed by a tour of their facilities. We were able to see first-hand how their product was manufactured and packaged along with getting an idea of their overall business.…

Day 2 in the Valley

Today we ESTEEMers did what we do best… PITCH & NETWORK! Day 2 in the Valley was yet another success.

Day 1 in the Valley

With all the excitement leading up to Spring Break, it was hard to believe that it was finally here. Day 1 was full of fantastic speakers and networking opportunities- a great way to start #sbtakessv! 

Meet Our Neighbors: Horizon Packaging

Dan Cunningham likes to run long distances and lift heavy weights.  Whether it’s a half-marathon or a CrossFit workout, he first educates himself with what he needs to know and then puts in the hard work to gain the experience he needs to accomplish his fitness goals.  


From genetics to cyber security… and where ESTEEM fell in between

In a short two-year span, I went from being a developmental geneticist creating mutant double headed mosquito embryos at the University of Chicago, to marketing innovative cyber security solutions out here in Silicon Valley. Not your typical transition, and not one I would have ever really envisioned myself before enrolling in the ESTEEM Program at the University of Notre Dame.…

Applying for the Naughton Fellowship

Written by current Naughton Fellow, Mark Roche, the following is a breakdown of the Naughton application process from someone who went through the same process only one year ago!  Take a look and let us know if you have any questions!

Mark Roche Headshot  Small

You are an Irish university student applying for a Naughton Fellowship to the ESTEEM Program at the University of Notre Dame -- congratulations on your decision to invest in your future!  Let's look at the process and make it simple for you to complete the application.…

My Week in ESTEEM - Week 20


Welcome back to "My Week in ESTEEM" where students reflect upon their experiences in our program. This week's blog is brought to us by Zhou (Joe) Wu, a Marquette University graduate, who discusses his experience so far with ESTEEM and the week of "Financials". If you wish to contact Joe, you can email him at