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Venture Founder's Program -- December Update #2

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As our Fall semester draws to a close, I realize that it’s been nearly five months since we embarked on our Venture Founders Program adventure. Looking back to mid-July, I can still recall the eager, hopeful attitudes that we Venture Founders began with. While we still maintain much of that enthusiasm, one undeniable fact has begun to sink in. Entrepreneurship can be exhausting. That’s not to say that I thought it would be a walk in the park, but I didn’t think it would be a trudge up a mountain.…

Venture Founder's Program -- December Update

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Writing this post has come at a formative and exciting time in this rollercoaster human centred

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design journey!


In the midst of extensive thesis work, projects and football weekends, the progress each Venture Founders Program (VFP) member has made over the last couple of months is truly admirable:

Venture Founders: Update No. 1


The past two weeks have been very exciting for the Venture Founders Program! We had our first Steering Committee meeting with Jeff Hodgson from Elevate Ventures, Don Ginocchio from SAP, Iris Hammel from St. Joe CEO, Andrew Wiand from enFocus, and David Murphy from ESTEEM. You could say Dustin and Maria were a little excited for the meeting, judging by the inspirational Rocky clips they sent out the night before...

Announcing the New Venture Founders Program

I’m really excited to introduce the Venture Founders Program, a brand new partnership between the University of Notre Dame's ESTEEM Program and enFocus of South Bend.

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Stemming from the extensive experience with young, aspiring entrepreneurs of the Program partners, the Program is built on the belief that talented people will start impactful ventures in South Bend if:…