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My Week in ESTEEM: Week 3 (July 10-14)

As our third week in the ESTEEM Program has come and gone many of my conversations with my classmates focused on how fast time was flying. At the half way point in the summer semester, it feels like just yesterday when we were struggling to get all 44 new names down. However, at this point with the amount of exciting group projects and relying on each other for both educational and moral support during our midterms this week, names have become muscle memory. However, in suitable entrepreneurial fashion the weeks are the furthest from muscle memory as each one brings a new and exciting opportunity to learn, grow, and imagine.…

My Week in ESTEEM: Week 2 (July 3-7)

At just the end of the second week, the ESTEEM Class 2018 is officially one-third of the way done with the summer semester. These first two weeks have been exciting for many reasons. Some of these reasons being that we have learned so much about what this year entails, what our future can look like, and have all begun to settle into choosing our thesis projects. However, besides these, the most exciting thing about these first two weeks has been becoming friends with such an amazing group of fellow ‘ESTEEM-ers’. Everyone is so diverse in both discipline and background, and it has been a lot of fun to become part of not only the Notre Dame family, but also the ESTEEM family.

My Week in ESTEEM: Week 1 (June 26-30)

Claire Kleinschmidt

After graduating from Providence College, road-tripping across Utah with high school friends, and quickly moving to South Bend, I can officially say I am a survivor of Grad School Week 1.



While many of us have now memorized that ESTEEM is a Masters Program in Engineering, Science, and Technology Entrepreneurship, this first week really helped us learn just what that means. After a quick orientation last week, we began classes Monday and started learning things that many of us science nerds have never seen before—accounting, finance, statistics, design, and a business class that forces us to get out of the classroom and investigate problems in the South Bend community as we design customer-validated solutions. I found myself hanging out at community events looking to engage in my research with local residents, spending time with my new classmates (now friends) from around the world, and learning to navigate the big, beautiful Notre Dame campus that we all now call home.