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My First 3 Months in ESTEEM: Discovering the Scope of a University’s Operations

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As an undergraduate here at the University of Notre Dame, I thought I knew a lot about how a large research University works. Clearly, there were the top-notch faculty members whose classes I attended, the dining hall workers who prepared delicious food, the landscaping crew that made campus beautiful, and the Residence Hall staff who made sure Ryan Hall was a clean place to live with a caring community. All these moving parts worked together to make Notre Dame a top-15 University and to produce an unrivaled educational experience.

My Week in ESTEEM: March 20 - 24

Cravath Cole

The arrival of ESTEEM back on campus after our famed Silicon Valley trip happened in something of a whirlwind. Many students spent extra time in the Valley attending job interviews, networking, and exploring some of the Bay Area’s finer cultural points including the Golden Gate Bridge and niche restaurants like The Cheese Board. In my case I did just that and after arriving Sunday morning to my humble apartment, felt it was time to get back down to business.

Silicon Valley 2017: Day Four

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On Wednesday, the 4th day of our Silicon Valley trip, six ESTEEM students and I chose to spend the shadow day with AJ Altman, Founder & CEO of Hover. Hover offers an innovative software that allows you to get a 3D property with all the measurements from photos taken with a phone.

My Week in ESTEEM: February 27 - March 3

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My Week in ESTEEM has been filled with fun activities as the month of February ends. First and foremost, the weather has been gorgeous all week, so it is fitting that we exercise more! Typically, almost every day from last semester, Nessan Harpur and I will play basketball and lift afterwards. In addition, there have been around 10 other ESTEEM students who have been regularly playing some intense pickup basketball. Luckily, I have motivated myself to run 8-9 mile run exploring the Holy Cross and St. Mary’s campus, and St. Mary’s is a beautiful area to roam. Hopefully, I will be in excellent shape for the Holy Half and ESTEEM bike trip in the next few months.

My Week in ESTEEM: Startup Weekend 2017

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Let me begin by explaining Startup Weekend. This is an event in which developers, business gurus, startup enthusiasts, designers and more come together to pitch startup ideas, form teams around those ideas, and then work together to develop a working prototype, business model, and presentation. However, as the name implies, this is all to be completed in 52 hours. Yup. From Friday night to early afternoon on Sunday, we work to come as close as we can to launching a viable business.…

My Week in ESTEEM: January 23-27

My week in ESTEEM began with a typical Monday, a long run in the morning in preparation for the Notre Dame Holy Half Marathon, thesis and school work in the afternoon, and classes in the evening. I could not believe it had already been a week since Zach arrived at my doorstep on Long Island after a long flight from Ireland, where we ended our winter breaks, before heading back to school. Our first class was sales and sales management, taught by Chris Stevens, the founder of Keurig and an individual with great impersonations. Not only does he teach us about the fundamentals of sales (as an occupation), but also his words go far beyond that, as he reveals the importance of values such as family, country, honesty, and integrity. …

My Week in ESTEEM: December 5-11

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As December rolled in, so did the Christmas cheer, snow, and preparation for finals. The week followed a fun weekend, including an Irish tradition called the 12 pubs of Christmas where we all wore our ugly Christmas sweaters or “jumpers” as the Irish lads call them. Monday we had our last marketing class which was followed by a dinner party at Professor Kitz’ house. After class we all headed over there for pizza, but it was a short party since we were all stressing about our launch strategy final that was due the next day (the first draft of Chapter 5 of our thesis).

My Week in ESTEEM: November 14-18

My week in ESTEEM started in sunny San Francisco and ended in snowy South Bend, to say my wardrobe is confused right now would be an

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understatement. As Monday’s go, mine was pretty interesting and consisted of a day of intense interviewing at a late stage tech startup in San Francisco. After some San Franciscan Sushi (always a necessity when getting out of the Midwest) I took my fried brain back to South Bend via two red-eye flights and a quick nap in Detroit airport. I landed early Tuesday morning, exhausted but excited to head to Dennis Boyle’s talk later that day. Dennis Boyle is one of the original founders of the design and innovation firm, IDEO and more importantly a Notre Dame alum (A.B.N). Dennis spoke about his journey to date and the role of design thinking and entrepreneurial insights in healthcare. He emphasized the power of empathy in generating ideas and empowered his entrepreneurial audience to constantly put ourselves in our customer’s shoes to effectively solve problems.

My Week in ESTEEM: November 7 - 11

Sedor Michael

Despite plenty of activities going on within the program itself, it would be impossible for me to recount my week in ESTEEM without acknowledging what has been a truly extraordinary and unanticipated series of recent events. Having borne witness to some of the most shocking upsets in recent history, including Brexit, the incredible Cubs World Series victory, our intramural soccer team’s heart-wrenching quarter final loss, and Taylor Johnson’s acceptance into Notre Dame, the year of 2016 might be more accurately deemed the Year of the Underdog, and on Tuesday night that moniker was again reinforced following the surprise election of Donald Trump as President of the United States. While the result was certainly unexpected and in some cases polarizing both across the nation and in ESTEEM itself, it was cool to see the discourse here in the program stay both civil and invigorating, a comforting reassurance that despite our diverse assortment of backgrounds, an informed and open minded exchange of ideas is always possible. It’s also worth noting that the overwhelmingly default response to each of these markedly different historical events, regardless of sports allegiances or political leanings, has been an extended visit to O’Rourkes Irish Pub.…

My Week in ESTEEM: October 10-14

Dawson Ali

“Midterm week” took on a new definition for me. Compared to my undergrad experience, when midterms generally entailed a series of exams, the ESTEEM midterm week was a bit different.

It opened with a traditional midterm exam in our Technical Marketing course, but the remainder of the week was centered on presentations and other assignments. For most of us, the primary focus was our thesis technology oral exams. After hours of practice and meticulously putting together our slide decks, it felt like a huge weight lifted off our shoulders to have these presentations done. Fortunately, ESTEEM has prepared us very well for presenting so at this point, it feels like second nature. Many of us were reminiscing about our “3 Minute Thesis” presentations we gave over the summer compared to our technology orals and how much more comfortable we now feel with public speaking.…

My Week in ESTEEM: October 3 - 7

Martin Eoghan

What a busy week!

After spending the weekend in San Jose for a job interview, Monday started with a day of hibernation in the library to catch up on work. In the evening we had our first Startup Weekend meeting with David Murphy. Next February a group of ESTEEM students will work with TechStars to run a Startup Weekend event bringing students together for a weekend of collaboration in building their own startups.…

My Week in ESTEEM: September 26 - 30

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Coming off of a disappointing football game against Duke, the weather started to feel like Fall and our attention turned back to work.

On Monday, I met with my Data Analytics group to go over our first assignment as a team before receiving data from the City of South Bend. After this, group members attended our Marketing class. During class, we discussed branding and what makes a strong brand. We were then introduced to a website of brand tags. We were all relieved when we saw that other people were confused with SAP. After this, we all separated and some of us went to go watch the presidential debates. Food trucks!!!…

My Week in ESTEEM: September 19 - 23

Saikali Roy

What a week!

After what seemed like a very short weekend, it was back to classes on Monday. Our Monday marketing class has been very interesting lately. Coming from a science-heavy background, I never realized how companies sell and promote their brand. Being able to have someone as experienced as Professor Michael Kitz teach us the fundamentals of technical marketing is a blessing. It’s particularly curious to see how fellow classmates react when another class member heavily critiques a brand they love (side note, some people really despise Nike).

My Week in ESTEEM: September 12 - 16

Laston David

Following our first home football weekend and Irish victory over Nevada, it was back to the grind as the first major thesis deadline loomed. Thankfully, Sunny was kind enough to change the deadline from Saturday at midnight to Monday at midnight. Procrastination still ran rampant throughout our group, and Sunday and Monday made for some late nights trying to put the final touches on our first draft of Chapter 1 and 2. A wonderful pep talk from David on Monday night assured us that everything is going to be okay and that our class needs to stop stressing out about grades (easier said than done). This made us all feel a bit more confident in turning in our thesis drafts that evening, but nervous nonetheless.…

My Week in ESTEEM: September 5 - 9

Hickey Zachary

After a disheartening result against UT, work in ESTEEM began again in earnest. While Consulting week had come and gone, career week had us suited from the get go. Starting off the week with Prof. Kitz and learning about the inner workings of the marketing world, refreshing our knowledge of consulting frameworks, and realising the existence of traumatic 'dog-o-matic' washing machines, all augured well for an interesting few days.…

My Week in ESTEEM -- Fall Semester, Week 1

Our “syllabus week” was a nice transition back to the academic setting as most of the week was introductory lectures for our current classes and touching base with our thesis advisors. Our fall semester will be very paced as our ESTEEM classes are modules that last half of the semester before a new module begins.