Silicon Valley 2017: Day Four

As the other ESTEEM students were preparing for their shadow day – a day visiting interesting, San Francisco-based companies -  my day was designed to be more atypical.  Since my Capstone Thesis industry sponsor is based Downtown, German, Karl and I were lined up to pitch our projects and financial models to the global innovation head of this financial institution

Thesis Spotlight: Blockchain Technology: Revolutionizing Cross Border Payments

Hickey Zachary

Modern technology has revolutionized worldwide communication standards. Phone calls and e-mails, that travel directly from A to B, help maintain contact between people no matter how far apart they are. However, when dealing with wealth (or money) things become more problematic. In person, the process of transferring money is cheap, secure, and anonymous - if Alice needed to send $1 to Bob she could easily hand him the dollar with dependability and privacy. Yet, if Alice and Bob were living in different states, countries, or continents, they would have to trust a central authority to act as a validator and liaison for the transaction - adding unnecessary fringe fees and time delays.

My Week in ESTEEM: September 5 - 9

Hickey Zachary

After a disheartening result against UT, work in ESTEEM began again in earnest. While Consulting week had come and gone, career week had us suited from the get go. Starting off the week with Prof. Kitz and learning about the inner workings of the marketing world, refreshing our knowledge of consulting frameworks, and realising the existence of traumatic 'dog-o-matic' washing machines, all augured well for an interesting few days.…