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Sandbox Stories: Marisa Cameron


Cameron Marisa

Marisa Cameron was earning a mathematics degree at College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts, where the AbbVie pharmaceutical company has a major office, when she was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2014. “In the hospital, I was so touched by the whole health care industry and had never seen the whole side of it, whether it was the doctors and nurses in the hospital. It was a terrible experience but really eye-opening. I knew I wanted to go into health care.”…

Lunch & Learn: Randy Glein

Randy Glein sees innovation as the “flag bearer of progress, providing the ability to transform markets, economies, and ultimately, lives.”

Rare Disease Research Symposium: ESTEEM Students Reflect

Zupan Madeline

Kenney Jack

This past weekend, the University of Notre Dame - in conjunction with the Boler-Parseghian Center for Rare and Neglected Diseases - hosted its annual Rare Disease Conference. This was a two-day event covering both laboratory science and benchtop research discoveries in addition to patient outreach and rare disease community-building. The unique opportunity to mix cutting edge research alongside first-hand experience from rare disease patients and their family was an incredible experience for the students, faculty, and members of the Notre Dame community.

Sandbox Stories: Shawn Cook

Cook Shawn

When Shawn Cook’s Army assignment officer announced that he was selected to go to graduate school again, Cook, who had already earned a master’s in geological engineering, started thinking about what could serve the country as well as position him for life after his 20-year military career. He chose ESTEEM.…

Lunch & Learn: Celeste Ford

Celeste Ford

Recently the ESTEEM Program was privileged to hear the stories, lessons, and serendipities of an extraordinary entrepreneur: Mrs. Celeste Ford, Founder and CEO of the global systems engineering and project management firm Stellar Solutions, Inc. With insightful anecdotes about her professional journey and honest appraisals of her own industry, Celeste provided a unique perspective into the process of starting a company, her values as a CEO, and her goals for the business she’s built from scratch.…

Lunch & Learn: Dennis Boyle

Dennis Boyle

February started off with a Lunch and Learn with Dennis Boyle a Notre Dame alum and founding partner of design firm IDEO. Dennis spoke about his journey to date and the role of empathy in his work life. As part of the ESTEEM program, we all have become familiar with the importance of design thinking in solving business problems and how crucial it is to put the customer center stage. Dennis reiterated this point again and gave us some tips on how as STEM entrepreneurs we can act and think like designers.

My Week in ESTEEM: Startup Weekend 2017

Dsc 0922

Let me begin by explaining Startup Weekend. This is an event in which developers, business gurus, startup enthusiasts, designers and more come together to pitch startup ideas, form teams around those ideas, and then work together to develop a working prototype, business model, and presentation. However, as the name implies, this is all to be completed in 52 hours. Yup. From Friday night to early afternoon on Sunday, we work to come as close as we can to launching a viable business.…

Sandbox Stories: Brendan Hughes

Hughes Brendan

Brendan Hughes came to ESTEEM with an undergraduate major in biology, a minor in entrepreneurship, and a side identity as DJ Lumba based on his flannel shirt, bushy beard, and long hair when he bought a beginner DJ board on a whim as a Stonehill College freshman. His gigs have grown from school parties to the Boston bar scene to weddings and other social events, and he’s upgraded to a four-deck NS7III system. He performed at an ESTEEM tailgate last fall under a huge banner with his logo.…

After ESTEEM: Chris Freise

Photo of ESTEEM Alum Chris Freise

Chris Freise, who graduated with the third ESTEEM class in 2012, kept a copy of his thesis business plan for reference when he got an idea for his own company two years later – a fitness app to solve his own problem of inconsistent access to a gym and an unhealthy reliance on fast food. He learned to pivot from his original plan through real-world experience that has propelled his company, Updown Fitness, to better alignment with market needs.…

My Week in ESTEEM: January 23-27

My week in ESTEEM began with a typical Monday, a long run in the morning in preparation for the Notre Dame Holy Half Marathon, thesis and school work in the afternoon, and classes in the evening. I could not believe it had already been a week since Zach arrived at my doorstep on Long Island after a long flight from Ireland, where we ended our winter breaks, before heading back to school. Our first class was sales and sales management, taught by Chris Stevens, the founder of Keurig and an individual with great impersonations. Not only does he teach us about the fundamentals of sales (as an occupation), but also his words go far beyond that, as he reveals the importance of values such as family, country, honesty, and integrity. …