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Alumni Spotlight: Arturo “A.J.” Tablada

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Arturo “A.J.” Tablada, who earned a degree in science-business with a minor in theology at the University of Notre Dame before he joined the ESTEEM Class of 2015, is putting his entrepreneurial skills to work for his nonprofit startup, St. Michael’s Angels ™. St. Michael’s Angels ™, a Christian nonprofit organization, provides individuals undergoing hospitalization the gift of a loving presence ™. Following a period of discernment, Tablada noticed the extent of the problem of patients without visitors after spending time with a family member in a local hospital. He raised $10,000 in a recent fundraising campaign for the nonprofit, including a matching grant from the Knight Foundation that recognized the group among the top 20 social entrepreneurs in South Florida as a part of the Create Miami initiative. …

My Week in ESTEEM -- Fall Semester, Week 1

Our “syllabus week” was a nice transition back to the academic setting as most of the week was introductory lectures for our current classes and touching base with our thesis advisors. Our fall semester will be very paced as our ESTEEM classes are modules that last half of the semester before a new module begins.