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ESTEEM Alum Launched Second Startup in 5 Years

When he was an undergraduate mechanical engineering and industrial design major at Notre Dame, Will McLeod was already working in his basement on SmarterShade, a Smart glass that can switch between clear and opaque on command. His team was the first composed of undergraduates to win the McCloskey Business Plan Competition, and it won an NSF grant to take the concept to production.…

ESTEEM Spinoff enFocus Assists with Talent Retention

Since its inception in 2009, the ESTEEM Program has been about the commercialization of innovative research and technology, bridging the gap between academia in business.  However, in addition to that, the ESTEEM program has also focused on an emerging national trend of social entrepreneurship.

At ESTEEM that focus on social entrepreneurship begins at home and includes investment in the local community.  Through an ESTEEM spinoff enFocus