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Thoughts on Social Entrepreneurship, Part I

In the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp class this semester, the ESTEEM students spent a class period discussing the implications of a recent MIT Entrepreneurship Review article entitled “The Unexotic Underclass”. The article states that many complain that entrepreneurs are putting their talents to waste by failing to solve Big Problems –capital B, capital P- (famine, clean energy, climate change, etc.) and instead focusing on the easily lucrative “anti-problems” epitomized in the variety of useless apps on our smartphones. The author presents another perspective by pointing out that there is not only a need to solve the high-profile Big Problems, but perhaps a more pressing urgency to solve big problems – little b, little p. 

Thoughts on Design Thinking

“Design Thinking” is quite the buzz word these days, being implemented at not only the traditional design consultancies like IDEO and gravitytank but also at software and consumer goods companies like SAP, Google, and Apple.  Even companies like Booze Allen and Deloitte are starting to see the value in the innovative approach and employing it in their firms.  But what exactly is Design Thinking?

Meet ESTEEM 2015

The final deadline for the ESTEEM application is quickly approaching (April 10). We had a chance to catch up with some admitted students. Check out thoughts from some of the entrepreneurial talent that will be at Notre Dame and in South Bend next year! 

Meet our Neighbors: NanDio

Recently ESTEEM student Derek Athy has been working with a novel cancer diagnostics company NanDio, which was originally the thesis project of 2014 ESTEEM alumnus Pat Rice. Read on to learn more about the company and see how it has grown in the last year.